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Our World Belongs to God: A Contemporary Testimony confesses the Reformed faith in a fresh and contemporary way. Written for all churches within the broad Reformed tradition, it summarizes our beliefs and speaks to a variety of issues faced by modern Christians. Throughout, it strongly affirms that “as followers of Jesus Christ living in this world . . . we declare with joy and trust: Our world belongs to God!”

In fifteen sessions, Living Your Faith in a Messed Up World uses the framework of the Contemporary Testimony to discuss current events and issues such as earth-keeping, war and peace, advances in science and technology, consumerism, gender roles, and many more.

We want to acquaint students with the content of the Contemporary Testimony and help them see its relevance for responding to the world in which we live, the world they see online and in the daily news. We want to challenge students to live out their faith and recognize that every aspect of their lives and their world belongs to God.

How to Use This Course

The participant journal (available for purchase from Faith Alive Resources) is the only printed piece. It contains the Contemporary Testimony in its latest (2008) edition, supporting Scripture passages, and a variety of ways students can respond personally, including journaling options. Please note that some of the student response sections (“notes,” “reflections,” “things I wonder about,” and “journaling options”) may not be used in a given session. You will need one participant journal per student.

The downloadable leader guide includes clear and concise plans for fifteen sessions. Each session includes a launch activity, an exploration of a contemporary issue as seen through the lens of the CT and Scripture, and a personal response section. Student handouts for downloading and printing are included with most sessions as a means of getting into a contemporary issue.

Videos accompany eight of the sessions. They feature short, lively segments that can be used as a “launch” activity or elsewhere in the session to stimulate discussion and gain insights.

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    2. How to Use This Course

    1. Living Your Faith in a Messed Up World Leader Guide

    1. Session 1: What Gives You Hope? (CT 1-6)

    2. Session 2: What Does It Mean to Be Human? (CT 7-12)

    3. Session 3: Why Is the World So Messed Up? (CT 13-17)

    4. Session 8: The Church: Where All Are Welcome? (CT 34-38)

    5. Session 9: The Church: Why Bother? (CT 39-40)

    6. Session 12: How Do You Balance Work and Play? (CT 47-49)

    7. Session 13: How Green Is Your Church? (CT 50-51)

    8. Session 14: Governments and Justice: How Can You Make a Difference? (CT 52-54)

About this course

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